Hi, I’m Cristina, I was born in Madrid in 1973.

I am a Life Sex Coach; I teach, help and motivate couples and/or single women to have a satisfying and fulfilling sex life. Learn to enjoy sex as much as possible.
I have been in the sexuality sector for 9 years and the world of couples lacks good sex. How also a single woman of advanced age.
My job is to teach to have good orgasms, as a couple or individually. To communicate to couples in bed. To solve doubts about sex.
The first consultation is online to meet us and assess if you need me as a sex coach.


Also, I’m an independent Escort mature woman bisexual.

My services are indifferently for men, women, couples, trans, gays, bi, poliloves.

I love my job and I like to enjoy it. It is a pleasant moment of relaxing and disconnection. I do not prejudge and I am quite open-minded.

Attractive, cheerful, smiling, different, special. Although in my photos I look serious.

Spectacular body at my age!

I offer you relax, pleasure, confidentiality, good conversation and for sure good sex.

You can find me in Zurich, Geneva (Switzerland) Paris, Madrid, Los Angeles.

I do Call Out to hotels and homes on my scooter. Feminine, educated, casual and dressed with discretion.

I am also a nude model, naturalist and liberal. I think normalizing nudity helps normalize sexuality.

You are welcome to be part of the Community of Sexualdiad de Madrid where we meet once a month to talk about sex. Of doubts, questions, anecdotes, everything related to sexuality. You can sign up at this link.
We meet once a month.



You can find more about me on my Blog and on my Gallery.